Welcome to The Four Hearts Foundation, Inc.

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The Four Hearts Foundation is a non-profit animal welfare group dedicated to helping those in most need. We understand that not everyone has the same amount of funding as they do compassion and love for their furry family members. We strive to take away some of this burden to help improve the quality of life for both the pet and the owner. While we try to help as many precious hearts get the immediate medical attention they need, there is one type of treatment we push for most: spay and neuter. The pet over population problem is immense and obvious. Not only is it saddening to see so many animals without homes, it also puts a strain on the community. To help out, The Four Hearts Foundation puts part of the funds it raises toward the eventual purchase of a mobile spay/neuter unit. This unit will one day be shared among the community and bring help to areas within St.Clair and surrounding counties. With help from people like you, we can achieve these goals and head towards happier tails for families and their pets.